January 07, 2007Wages and a Gift
January 14, 2007The Death of Legalism
January 21, 2007The Death of Legalism: Part 2
January 28, 2007How do you Serve God? The Old Way or the New Way



February 4, 2007Intense Conflict: A Characteristic of Grace
February 11, 2007The Dynamics of Spiritual Conflict
February 18, 2007Two Laws in Conflict
February 25, 2007Another Law: No Condemnation



March 4, 2007Nature vs. Conduct
March 11, 2007A Matter of Life and Death
March 18, 2007Christian Ethics and Life in Christ
March 25, 2007The Spirit of Adoption



April 01, 2007Joint-Heirs with Christ
April 08, 2007Final Things: What do you expect?
April 15, 2007Hope: The Interface between the Temporal and the Eternal
April 22, 2007The Holy Spirit: Our Holy Helper
April 29, 2007Who? What? How? Things that Work for our Good-Things...



May 06, 2007Who? What? How? Things that Work for our Good..Pt2
May 13, 2007Who? What? How? Things that Work for our Good Pt 3:
May 20, 2007Who? What? How? Things that Work for our Good Pt 4:
May 27, 2007God's Five-Step Plan: Eternity to Eternity



June 03, 2007God's Five-Step Plan: Eternity to Eternity .. Consistent Truth
June 10, 2007All Things or All Things?
June 17, 2007Who's Behind the Who?
June 24, 2007No Separation: God's Commitment



July 01, 2007Why the Sudden Change of Mood?
July 08, 2007Justification by Faith: Historical Versus Biblical
July 15, 2007Paul's Kinsmen: Their Problem and Its Solution
July 22, 2007Biblical Hermeneutics: Avoid Too Much or Too Little



August 05, 2007Divine Hatred
August 12, 2007Personal Election
August 26, 2007Personal Election: Objections and Inspired Answers



September 02, 2007Vessels of Wrath-Vessels of Mercy
September 09, 2007Election: Personal and Individual
September 16, 2007Election: Temporal Implications
September 23, 2007Recap: Romans Ninth Chapter
September 30, 2007For Whose Salvation? What Salvation?



October 07, 2007Whose Righteousness? What Righteousness?
October 14, 2007Insecure Guilt or Joyful Confidence: Fruit of One's Ideas
October 21, 2007Belief and Confession: Evidences of Regeneration
October 28, 2007The "Righteousness of Faith" Speaks



November 04, 2007Dialectical Argumentation: Paul's Appeal
November 11, 2007The "Righteousness of Faith" and Paul Agree:They say the...
November 18, 2007The Critic Responds
November 25, 2007What Did Paul's Critics Believe?



December 2, 2007Paul's Response
December 9, 2007Paul and his Critics: What was Their Disagreement?
December 16, 2007"But I say..."
December 23, 2007New Testament Blessings to Gentiles:Not a Divine Afterthought
December 30, 2007The "Finder" and the Found








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