Greetings to one and all in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and friend. Summer races along and we are all too busy, but by His mercy we’re allowed short seasons when we can slow down enough to enjoy each other’s company, and rest. The Lord has been so good to us to send us visitors and laborers in the vineyard, and we are thankful for them and for you. We’re delighted to have Bro. Gordon Gathright in our area, transplanted from San Antonio, and look forward to meeting his family when they move up later. We’re quiet sure he’s looking forward to that too. Enjoyed very much having Mark and Susan Webb and their family with us this summerand hope The Lord will keep from as they travel. Also we were blessed with a rare visit by Bro Lyle Grantham and his son Daniel, who has just graduated from high school and will be attending the University of Kentucky in the fall. He is also looking to attending the Lexington church, and we’re sure they will appreciate there. Martha Pitney continues to make a strong recovery from her recent accident and is back to work part-time. We are very thankful for her and her gentle spirit, and glad that the Lord ha kept her in His care through this ordeal. We beg that she would continue to gain strength, and we really enjoyed seeing her smiling face at meeting. She was out from Arkansas for some more annual

training, and we so fortunate to have her with us. She misses her family a great deal so we need to support her as her other family, the one that lives forever. The church landscaping project is almost complete, and kudo’s to all who assisted with this effort, especially Sis Debbie and Bro Gregg, who did the majority of the work. Everyone agrees that the yard looks 200% better and is happy that we have real grass now. The only thing left is to resurface the parking lots and set out a few trees for shade. Bro Lyle was able to plant a vineyard around the fence while he was here too, so we need to sing “Here in the Vineyard” in His honor(when we get some grapes). We have some ongoing needs to help support the weaker members of this body, so we need to remember to give to the church out of the abundance that the Lord has blessed us with. A little giving x a majority of members = a pile of money for the deacons to work with. We can do a great deal of good with a little effort, and He rains down His blessings, that His glory would be evident to all.

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