Turn with me if you would to the Book of I Samuel the fifteenth chapter. Now this is what i was getting to last week but never really got to it and i would apologize for that but i won't.

     I want to talk to you for just a few minutes this morning about choices. The choices that we make. Pick up the paper anymore and it's really quite depressing to read about the choices people make. And not only that but they make the choice but then they blame it on someone else. We see people make wrong decisions and sometimes it takes years for those decisions to produce the bad fruit that comes from that. We want to think like God's children and that wants to overshadow all the choices that we make. We will always want to consider His will in the things that we do. Now we have to be reminded of that or we're going to forget it. That's one reason we're here to be reminded that we're His children. We seek His will and not ours. We seek to please Him and not ourselves. We seek to be servants and not masters.

     Chapter fifteen verse one says, "Samuel also said unto Saul, The Lord sent me to anoint thee to be King over His people." His people it's says, "over Israel". "Now therefore hearken thou unto the voice of the words of the Lord".

     Now you see here that Samuel says that the Lord has sent him and there's plenty of scriptures in the Old Testament .. we won't go to any of them but .. there's some in particular in Proverbs that point out how the Lord has set up and established the Kings and He also takes them down. And if they follow Him and they make the right decisions and choices and follow His leading then He's going to bless them and they're going to prosper. If they do otherwise then they're going to suffer the consequences. It's somewhat the same way with us. It says King over His people. Now i believe The Lord sets up the rules over His people. I believe the Lord sends the servants for His people. I hope i'm included in that number. I believe the Lord has sent this servant this day to deliver a particular message for him to speak for the Lord.

Elder Donald Grantham


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